Dust Jacket Lust: Books by Their Covers

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Oh, come now, Vintage Classics, surely Iris deserves better treatment than this. While DJL is of course glad that her favourite novelist is not being forgotten in the general revamping and rebranding of certain books as “classics” (a term which bothers DJL slightly, but if there are going to be classics then Iris certainly deserves her place among them), she cannot help but be slightly disappointed. It’s all a bit clip-art-y, and A Severed Head and The Italian Girl are pretty darn hideous. However, if we ignore the subtle-as-a-brick mousetrap, Flight From the Enchanter isn’t bad, and DJL’s all-time-fave The Unicorn is treated pretty well, albeit with distinct shades of The Sea, The Sea. DO BETTER, VINTAGE CLASSICS. (Incidentally, fans of Virginia Woolf will be similarly displeased should they cast a hopeful eye over the same July-December 2012 press release.)

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  • 22 July 2012
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